Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What, When, Where and How to Drink

Found a little treasure the other day- a book published in 1955 entitled What, When, Where and How to Drink by Richard L. Williams and David Myers with an introduction by Sherman Billingsley:

The Table of Contents:

There are even great illustrations of some guys who look like they knew their drinks:

According to Mr. Billingsley of The Stork Club in New York City, "...this is not a subject on which it pays to be either ignorant or intolerant. To know at least a little about what to drink, and when, and how, is to be a little better equipped for present day living." Thank you, Mr. Billingsley; agreed. The book includes a section full of cocktail recipes of the period. So- it is at this point I would like to introduce you to my wonderful, amazing girlfriend Amy:

HOW amazing? Sometimes, she is the Queen of England:

But always my Queen. SO- for your benefit- Amy and I will periodically do joint reviews of the cocktails in the book and I will post both the recipe and result. The good ones will receive a truly Royal approval. Let the experiment begin!!


  1. he he, looks like we even got the same brands of bitters.

    also, I love you :-)